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Experiment with Bicycle Gear and Drill

#HandmadeCreativeChannel SUBSCRIBE LINK - http://tiny.cc/c3zq9y #Ebike #Experiment #BicycleGear Hello everyone, today im gonna show you a Experiment wiht Drill and Bicycle wheel.How many RPM generate a different Gears. This experiment is for my future projeckts and this video is intresting for people who plan future projeckt with a Bicycle wheel / gear / Chain and drill. This is for people who want to make Ebike. This video show how many RPM (power) You can ger from different Gear. This test is Dangerous so don't try this in home !!!! My Future Projeckt. 1.Belt Sander 2.Belt Grinder 3.band saw Friends, my name is Jordan, am the author of the Handmade Creative channel. On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands. I enjoy sharing Projects I make as a Hobbyist, and what i have learned through other content creators, I am NOT a Professional, nor a Teacher, my hope is I simply Inspire you to go make something yourself. We turn simple things into unique ones! Subscribe, it will be interesting! -Creative ideas -useful tips -homemade tools - hacks - review -toys If you want you can follow me on social networks from the links Subscribe My Channel - http://tiny.cc/c3zq9y My Patreon For Support - Facebook Page - http://tiny.cc/6qpcbz Facebook Group - http://tiny.cc/9tpcbz Pinterest - http://tiny.cc/fvpcbz Instagram - http://tiny.cc/fcqcbz Twitter - http://tiny.cc/ndqcbz Reddit - http://tiny.cc/75qcbz

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